Skincare for Fall - Protecting your skin from colder weather

Fall is my favourite season with beauty foliage, pumpkin spice, and a short window where I can wear my nice coats. However, fall also is a difficult transition for a lot of people for their skin. The question I get most often from my customers with a change in season is whether it's necessary to change skincare to match the weather. It's very normal for your skin to act up or get irritated with seasonal changes, due to both environmental factors and hormonal changes. You don't necessarily need to change your skincare routine to address this, in fact, it's probably more beneficial to stay consistent, but if discomfort persists, then you may consider adjusting your products and habits.

A few things we see people experience with fall and the onset of colder weather:

Dry, dehydrated skin

Statistically, people drink less water in the winter - most likely because they're less likely to get thirsty absent the hot weather. However, heating systems dry out the air, and staying well hydrated is necessary to keep your skin healthy and supple, and prevent fine lines. You can address this through hydrating products such as hyaluronic acid, beta glucan, green tea, snail, etc., but also through diet and water intake. Keeping a humidifier running, especially overnight, has also been skin saving for many.

I'm From Mugwort Essence

The I'm From Mugwort Essence adds hydration while also soothing the skin

Moisture loss is also a bigger problem in the winter, especially since both indoor and outdoor environments tend to be dryer. You know you're experiencing moisture loss if your skin feels scaly, tingly, flaky, or tight when you wake up in the mornings. This is why people use thicker night creams or sleeping masks in the winter, to seal in moisture and prevent moisture loss. Ceramides or peptides also mimic the natural barrier of your skin to prevent moisture loss.

Sidmool Honey Sleeping Mask
The Sidmool Honey Sleeping Mask protects and seals in moisture overnight

Dryness doesn't just apply to skin, but scalp and lips as well. Lips are especially susceptible to chapping and dryness during the fall. Prevent this by using a thick lip balm or lip mask with emollients, since ones that contain a lot of water may leave your lips more dry. Hair masks are also beneficial to help your skin from becoming more brittle with the cold weather. 

Weakened skin barrier

Overcast days trap pollution and particles in the atmosphere, which oxidizes the skin by taking ions away from skin cells, which unbalances the skin barrier. Using antioxidants such as vitamin C or centella ensure that your skin protects itself against this oxidization.

Missha Vita C Plus Spot Correcting and Firming Ampoule
The Missha Vita C Plus Spot Correcting and Firming Ampoule is a gentle vitamin C that helps prevent oxidization
A common misconception is that UV rays are non-existent in winter because the UV index is low, but the UV index mostly pertains to the likelihood of sunburn. UVB rays are mostly blocked in the winter, so likelihood of sunburn is low, but UVA rays can pass through overcast days and are the main drivers of pre-mature aging. Therefore, applying a broad spectrum sunscreen when outdoors or when by windows most of the day is still important.


Hot showers or baths may be tempting when it's chilly outside, but they can strip your skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness. Opt for lukewarm water when cleansing your face or body. This prevents your skin from losing essential oils, maintaining its natural moisture balance.

Hormonal Breakouts

Chemical changes to our skin happens with a new season, and is a natural part of your body adapting to a change in environment and climate. The best idea here is to incorporate soothing products such as serums and essences, but avoid anything that can cause your skin more irritation or prevent it from self-regulating, such as harsh retinols or exfoliants.

Axis-Y Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule

The Axis-Y Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule protects the barrier from environment damage and chemical changes to the skin

Skin thrives under consistency, so it's possible that your breakouts will go away if you just stay consistent with a clean routine. This means using a gentle cleanser so you aren't stripping your skin barrier, avoiding fragranced and alcohol products, and creating a clean, bacteria free environment for your skin to heal.

An oil cleanser like the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Cleansing Oil is a gentle oil cleanser that adds emollients to the skin without being heavy

Diet also plays a big role in hormone regulation, and ensuring you ingest a lot of anti-oxidants and maintain a balanced diet, and stay away from potentially sensitizing ingredients such as dairy or spicy food, ensures that your body is able to regulate itself.

With temperatures dropping quickly, adapting your skincare routine and habits for the cold weather ensures that you're setting your skin up to be healthy through the upcoming long winter. 

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