How do I pick the right skincare products for me?

I'd be happy to suggest products if you send me a message with your skin type, concerns, and products that have and haven't worked for you. You can also read through my Instagram as I post educational content every day about building a routine and the products I carry. Everyone's skin is different and getting a routine and products that work is a trial and error process, but absolutely worth it in the long run.

How does pick-up work?

Please see this page for more details on how to order for pick-up. Pick-up times are firm as I often make plans around my pick-up times, please do not be late.

Which areas do you do delivery?

We do delivery in 2 areas alternating weeks in the GTA and the delivery fee is $5.
Area 1: Downtown, East York, North York, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill
Area 2: Downtown, North York, Etobicoke, and Mississauga, Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill
If you are in one of the two areas but it says delivery is not eligible, please DM us on Instagram to submit a manual order. If you are not in one of these areas, please select the shipping within Ontario option.

Are your products authentic?

Customer trust is extremely important to me and all products are sourced from vetted and reputable suppliers. The hundreds of customer proofs I've collected in my Instagram story highlights are a testament to this commitment.

Will you carry a certain product or line?

I select products based on my own research as well as consumer demand. While I can't guarantee all requests, I will definitely take suggestions. My belief is that skincare isn't based on brand or reputation, but the best ingredients and texture for your skin. I'd be happy to recommend products to try based on products you currently use.

Do you do refunds/exchanges?

Once a product is paid for, it unfortunately cannot be refunded. Refunds and exchanges are on a case-to-case basis for unopened products. 

While I fully understand the pain of skincare products not working, skincare is your mileage may vary and mark-ups would need to be much higher (like Sephora) to accommodate for the cost of refunds. 

Do you do free shipping?

We currently don't have plans to offer free shipping.

Free shipping means that products are priced to offset shipping fees. Since competitive pricing is incredibly important to us, we instead used free pick-up and cheap local delivery so those in the GTA don't have to subsidize shipping fees in the form of higher product costs. Of course, we recognize that this doesn't benefit those out of province. Canadian shipping has only gotten more extreme over COVID with the current fuel surcharges, so competitive shipping doesn't actually exist for Canadian small businesses who sell heavier products. We typically cover $3-5 on our shipments. We are, however, assessing new shipping services in the new year, which might take shipping to other Canadian metropolitan areas down significantly. 

Are there other pick-up times available?

Not for downtown, and for Markham maybe.

The hard thing about running a small business while also having a full time job is that every decision is a tradeoff, which is true for both Sandy and I. Therefore, we always make decisions that we believe will benefit the most number of customers. Back when we had a 2nd downtown pick-up day, we would only have 2-3 pickups scheduled for the slot. For Markham, there are alternative arrangements that we can make on a case-to-case basis. if you can't make it to FMP on Sundays DM me and we can try to work out something else.

Why don't you do more promotions?

As someone with a business and product background, I spend a lot of time analyzing pricing and packaging, and the behaviours that it could incentivize.  My #1 pricing principle is that our prices are competitive and fair, and we do monthly pricing research and analysis to ensure that we are confident saying this. The problem with blanket promotions is that it creates transactional relationships and doesn't build the community that we want to foster. Instead, we do other things like give discounts to those who write reviews, or as a Christmas gift I'm preparing to send discount codes to the top 10% of VIP customers to our store this year. 

Why don't you include a full ingredient lists?

Full ingredient lists are really hard to maintain, and don't add a ton of value to the average user. There are entire sites dedicated towards ensuring ingredient lists are up to date with all the new formulations (IncideCoder being my favourite). We recently did a big overhaul to make our key ingredient lists more extensive and helpful, but will certainly take this into consideration for next year.