Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum Propolis + niacinamide

Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum Propolis + niacinamide

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Size: 30ml

Suitable for: Fighting acne, achieving glowing skin, reducing pores and improving complexion

Key ingredients:
60% Propolis extract: Glow, anti-inflammatory, acne fighting, improves texture
2% niacinamide: Brightening, improve skin tone, stimulates collagen
Tamanu oil: Nourishing, contains 5 fatty acids for moisture, healing and regenerative
Betaine Salicylate: Gentler version of salicylic acid, BHA, clear pores & blackheads, reduces skin congestion
Tea tree extract: Acne fighting, anti-fungal, speeds healing of acne
Lotus extract: Anti-oxidant, skin smoothing, anti-aging, brightening, reduces pores

Alcohol, fragrance free

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