Illiyoon Ceramide ATO Lotion

Illiyoon Ceramide ATO Lotion

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Size: 350ml 

Suitable for: Skin barrier strengthening, moisturizing cream for sensitive, dry skin types. Suitable as a body cream as well.

Key ingredients:
Glycerin: Water retention, smooths appearance
Shea butter: Occlusive, softens skin, condition and soothes, fatty acids and vitamins
Ceramides: Replenish moisture, build barrier, increase hydration
Cholesterol: Balances moisture, with fatty acids & ceramides creates holy trinity of moisture
Palmitic/stearic acid: Fatty acid, retains water, softens skin
Ginseng root water: Anti-aging, reduce inflammation, protect skin barrier, anti-oxidant
Beet Root Extract: Vitamin C, fights acne, fades spots, reduces pigmentation
Lauric Acid: Acne fighting, anti-inflammatory, soothing
Tocopherol: Vitamin E, healing, sun protection, anti-oxidant, strengthen barrier

Alcohol, fragrance free