Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA Toner

Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA Toner

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Size: 150mL

Suitable for: sensitive and dull skin, gentle enough for daily use, lightly exfoliating and removes excess sebum

Key ingredients:
Niacinamide: Brightening, improve skin tone, stimulates collagen
Lactobionic acid: PHA, skin surface exfoliation, more gentle than AHA
Salicylic acid: BHA, exfoliating, acne fighting, clears pores and regulates oil production
Citric acid: AHA, brightens skin, gentler due to larger compounds than glycolic or lactic acid
Tea tree leaf extract: Acne fighting, anti-fungal, speeds healing of acne
Urea, sodium hyaluronate, glycerin: hydrating, moisture retention

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