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  • Top 100 Asian Skincare Ingredients Glossary

    In Asian skincare, there's a strong focus on extracts, cold-pressed oils, herbal ingredients, and ferments to offer powerful anti-oxidants, hydrate, soothe, and boost barrier function in the skin. A lot of these ingredients can be foreign to those who want to experiment with Korean or Japanese skincare products for the first time. I've made sure to list the top benefits of each ingredient. 
  • SKIN.TO 2022 Wrap + 2023 Plans

    Last week I published a year-end survey, and within 2 days we got 150+ responses telling us about experiences shopping with SKIN.TO and giving us amazing feedback and ideas on how we can serve them better. As a wrap-up for the year, I've written about the ways we plan on improving SKIN.TO in 2023 to meet your needs, while also addressing some feedback on things we can't action on.